Scrambled Eggs with Garlic-Chive Croutons

Pan-toasted garlic-chive croutons

My farmer asked me if I wanted some garlic chives the other day and I had to pause for a moment.  I love garlic and I love chives, but the time I got a little too adventurous with some “urban foraging” almost made me say no.  I was living in Charleston, SC, and I saw what I thought was wild garlic growing in a field next to our house.  The chives were delicate and small and smelled strongly like garlic, or at least a really strong onion.   I have since gotten smarter about foraging, but this time I didn’t consult any foraging guide, just my nose.  I plucked with abandon, chopped, and triumphantly topped a baked potato with my field find.  It tasted a little acrid, but I was (too) proud of my survival skills so I finished it up.  Afterwards I felt mildly sick to my stomach.  Nothing serious thankfully, but it had the effect of turning me off of cultivated garlic chives.  I’d still like to know what I ate!

So, ten years later, I agreed to give it a go again.  I am so glad that time heals wounds, and apparently, taste memories as well. 
A new farmer’s market opened up close to my neighborhood, so I have been finding lots of different uses for the free-range eggs that I bought.  I used chicken in this case, but goose eggs make an extremely tasty scrambled as well.  I have been making this egg recipe for years.  The croutons have the ability to “fake” a meat addition to the eggs, and it also stretches the eggs when you are running low or need to feed a crowd.

Sunny deliciousness

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic-Chive Croutons

2-3 slices of bread (pictured is Udi’s Whole Grain GF bread, any will do), cut into cubes or torn
large pat of butter
dash of sea salt
garlic chives, about 2-3 long leaves per egg, chopped
Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat.  Toss the bread in the butter, sprinkle with salt, and stir.  After a minute or two, add the garlic chives and keep stirring until the bread is toasted and the chives are dark green.  Set aside.
The eggs: 
6 – 8 eggs
dash of sea salt
fresh ground pepper
water (or milk), about 1-2 Tbsp. (optional)
Whisk the eggs vigorously, add salt and pepper and pour into the pan used to make the croutons.  When half-way set, add the croutons and finish cooking until set.  Top with a few chopped fresh garlic chives.



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