A Very Dangerous Mayo

A mayo to love.

Mayonnaise is one of the condiments that I can usually pass up.  I like it okay but I usually won’t take the time to take it out of the fridge to add to a sandwich (B.L.T.s being the exception). 

But, being a vegetable whisperer, I heard the peppery and sassy arugula calling for a creamy counterpoint from my fridge yesterday.  It really did.  

Most of the recipes I found online had too many ingredients.  When experimenting with recipes using fresh, organically grown ingredients, I try to start simple.  There is so much flavor in cleanly and locally grown vegetables that the vegetable can usually speak for itself.  No need to shout it down.  The principle proved true with this mayo.  Yes, I used store-bought mayo, in case you were wondering.  My ideal self would have made it from scratch, but my real self spent most of the day at kids’ sporting events. 

The only problem I found with this mayo is that now I want more of it.  On everything.  We had pork carnitas for lunch today and it was if the two were made for each other.  The mayo had also benefited from an overnight in the fridge, so the flavors had ample time to marry. 

Thankfully, arugula grows year round in the Houston area, so this will now be a happy, steady condiment in my house.  Use it on sandwiches, fish, pork, or even a dip for vegetables.  After you taste it, I’m sure you’ll think of something.

Arugula Mayo

2 – 3 cups arugula, well washed
1/3 cup mayo, more in reserve
1 small lemon, juiced
sea salt
cracked pepper
In a food processor, add the arugula and pulse a few times.  Add the mayo and lemon juice.  Blend until the arugula is small and the mayo has a nice green color throughout.  Add a dash of salt and a few shakes of pepper. Blend and taste.  Add more mayo, even up to cup, for a thicker, lighter-on-the-arugula taste.

What can't you put it on?


About Jill Thaxton

Wife, mom, writer, cook, professional Googler. I can't seem to narrow my interests to one topic, but love to ponder people, culture, faith, health, food, relationships, and science. I specialize in minutiae. Oh, and I will forever regret quitting piano, in case you were interested.
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2 Responses to A Very Dangerous Mayo

  1. Angela says:

    This looks great, I’m gonna have to try it! I absolutely adore arugula, and I’ll try any recipe that calls for its use. LOL

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m like you with the mayo but this looks delicious!

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