Three Ways to Use Eggplant

Eggplantaganza/Nuttakit (

So that eggplant over there.  Don’t pretend you don’t see it.  It’s been sitting staring at you all week.  You made the eggplant usuals–eggplant parmesan, and caponata–but now you’re just not sure what to do with it.  And your tired of complicated recipes.

Funny how this was never a problem with grocery store veggies.  With predictability, you could shop blind:  carrots, lettuce, onion, potato, tomato, repeat.  The eggplant purchase, for example, was rather rare, bought for a recipe you had to try.    Now, suddenly you are getting eggplant every week in your CSA box and it makes you uncomfortable, or least a little challenged. 

This challenging part is actually what gets me so excited.  I am finding that as I eat seasonally, I am accepting new vegetables into my “inner circle.”  Move over lettuce, make room for some greens.  And why do we think of radishes as just a little color for the salad?  This sense of expanding what is normal everyday fare for my table is exciting, and it keeps me on my toes.  It also ensures that cooking is never, never boring.  Just when you get used to the okra, a new season begins.

Thus, the following are not exactly recipes, but three ways I’ve used eggplant over the last two weeks.  Not exactly brilliant, or all that inventive, but integrated, I’d say.  All began with a very quick chop and saute with a bit of salt and garlic in a pan.  Five minutes, that’s all.

Why not on a sandwich or taco?

The Freestyle 
This works great for a quick lunch.  In the picture, I started with a corn tortilla, the gluten-free version of sliced white bread, but any kind of bread will do.  Even a hot dog bun.  Really.  A quick spread of arugula mayo, sliced white onion, top with eggplant  and you’re done.  The second one I made was even better with the addition of some white cheese.  You could add lettuce, olives, tomatoes, whatever! The point here is not to re-create what I did, but look around your kitchen and use what you have.  Eggplants have substance, and can be really filling.  This from a protein-meat-loving gal. 
Eggplant/Pepperoni Pizza

No discussion needed.

Madame Eggplant?….Meet your namesake, Msr. Egg.

Is it a goose egg, or an eye?

Vegetables speak French, right?  Right?  Er…never mind.
What this lovely goose egg is waiting for is some sauteed veggies.  Eggplant, in this case, with some other friends, such as onions and okra.  Oh, and any egg will do, of course.  I just happened to have a goose egg on hand.
Let me know what wonderful creations you come up with!

Not real pretty, but very tasty.


About Jill Thaxton

Wife, mom, writer, cook, professional Googler. I can't seem to narrow my interests to one topic, but love to ponder people, culture, faith, health, food, relationships, and science. I specialize in minutiae. Oh, and I will forever regret quitting piano, in case you were interested.
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5 Responses to Three Ways to Use Eggplant

  1. I think I’d especially like to try the Eggplant/Pepperoni Pizza but the “free style” chip looks amazing. I can see it now, “Cafe Jill” opening in Sugar Land … coming soon!

  2. Lisa says:

    I wish we had a CSA in my neck of the woods but sadly Beaumont is not quite there yet.

  3. sahfoodie says:

    oooo…. I LOVE eggplant. Try roasting it in the oven with some olive oil, salt / pepper and a couple cloves of garlic (I also add some crushed red pepper, but I like things spicy!). When it’s super soft, puree everything in the baking dish together with some more extra-virgin olive oil if its too thick. It makes a great dip.

  4. this post makes me hungry. growwwl.

  5. Lisa Gautier says:

    Love your willingness to face the season and its offerings boldly…and get out there and make that eggplant! I’ve felt about the same this fall…asking myself the question…what can I do with eggplant?

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