2 years later…

Why the absence? Well, besides me being extremely ADD, always seeking some kind of new diversion and quickly forgetting the old, I decided to teach American Literature to 10th graders at a private school for the last two years. I thought that I would have time to write but I was so wrong. I have moved on again, this time helping my husband in our real estate investing business. I am curious to see if I would ever want to write about that experience, but I stalled getting into it precisely because real estate seemed so boring, so I am not sure if writing about it could hold my interest. What I do love about investing is that I can and did make close to three times my yearly teaching salary (ok, it was small) in only one transaction. And I also have more time to do the things I really enjoy doing, which brings me back to this blog.

Except now things have really, really changed in my cooking world. I had always eaten gluten-free, which seemed restrictive but now seems like a veritable buffet of options, considering that I have had to eschew a large majority of foods due to the onset of an autoimmune skin condition. I really have put the skin condition into remission through diet (a stricter version of paleo), but I am just now coming to grips that I may be on this restricted diet forever. Forever.

Thankfully, I have always loved fresh vegetables, so much of what I cooked and wrote about before still stands…minus dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc., etc. I DID say it was restrictive. My new diet’s official name is the Autoimmune Protocol (or AIP), championed by PaleoMom and others fighting autoimmune conditions.  For a foodie, the restrictions sound miserable, but for me, all I had to do was google pictures of advanced stages of my particular condition (Hidradenitis Suppurativa…don’t google…I warned you) to be motivated to stick with it. So, until something drastic changes, all recipes on here will be AIP-ish (I have added back in some non-AIP foods with success), but hopefully it won’t be too noticeable, as it all centers around locally grown food in the first place. Image AIP-friendly tacos. That’s a plantain wrap holding it all together.

About Jill Thaxton

Wife, mom, writer, cook, professional Googler. I can't seem to narrow my interests to one topic, but love to ponder people, culture, faith, health, food, relationships, and science. I specialize in minutiae. Oh, and I will forever regret quitting piano, in case you were interested.
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